First cut down the power. In order to ensure the safety of lights, we advise that we had better operate before cutting down the power. There is much crystal accessory, that is heavy, so we had better check the pressure of the weight, in order to ensure safety of Drum Shade Chandelier of crystal chandeliers.

Hanging plate is made to fix the chandeliers, in order to keep steady of crystal embellishment, we have to notice that, we could let the screw cup suffer the pressure of crystal chandeliers, that could not fall down after keep installed, we could use the electric drill bit, we could keep the hands straight, we could not let the hole straight, we could install the screw in the holes, at this time, we have to notice that, we could install two pcs of screws, that could keep the balance of hanging plate.

Drum Shade Chandelier

After finishing the installation, we could install the bulb, when you install the bulb, null line is connected to the top of the screw, we could choose the screw bulb, that could be center of the null line. When you install the bulbs, we could check that if the bulbs are bright.

Drum Shade Chandelier

Install the crystal embellishment
After installing the bulb, we could check the embellishment of the crystal chandeliers, sometimes we could install the crystal chandeliers after finish the installing. If we install crystal embellishment, we advise follow the instructions, which could ensure the right installation position, which could ensure the decorative maintenance.

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