Thermal curtains (CurtainsMarket) are new kind of curtains, a few days ago in website, we could think of home room there is no such good heating equipment upstairs, mom and dad live Beijing flat house heating and inadequate, the window of home of is to the south, but the cooling soon, the sun down immediately in the room can appear very cold, not try to buy my mother a insulation curtains.

Custom thermal curtains

Then hold a dead horse move of the attitude, I bought a insulation curtains, while Sunday back to mother hung up the, we also don't know to use bad to use, but it looks attractive, drape surface feels very smooth, the color is a little warm pink, online said this kind of curtain will fully absorb the light of the sun during the day and night which left much of indoor heat in the house, not in the heat of the sun room quickly ran out, however, I because the unit is busy, we also didn't realize he's warm, we hurry back to work.

Custom thermal curtains

The second weekend, when I got home, mother is happy to me, the white curtains but didn't buy, the temperature of the room suddenly rose by four or five degrees, suddenly in the night we don't feel my hands and feet cold, from the bed at night it is not so mess out as they once were, this two days left, at night, your dad and I'll stay in the warm living room watching TV, what also don't want to go, what is going to be absolutely green with envy others, are set out to let you help them buy this curtain?

The thermal curtains are really worthy of the name, hope that the above could help you a little.

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